Film på Fjällfest

Film på Fjällfest

Banff Mountain Film Festival gör självklart ett turnéstopp på Fjällfest 2008! Under två kväller visas ett varierat program med filmer från den kända filmfestivalen i Kanada. Bland utbudet finns bland annat filmer om skidåkning, klättring och cykling.

Banff Mountain Film Festival på Fjällfest

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Inner Balance

Canada, 2007, 5 minutes

Directed and produced by Brian MacKenzie


Focus: Unicycling

Inner Balance features some of the top riders in their respective riding styles from Canada, USA, New Zealand, and Australia. Riders take unicycling to the next level with amazing drops and trials riding in a massive indoor bike park. You won't believe what's possible on a unicycle.

Cayesh - The Calling

USA, 2006, 17 minutes

Directed and produced by Steve House

Focus: Climbing / Mountaineering

A one-day ascent of a new route on the west face of Cayesh, in Peru, filmed entirely by the two climbers. "They wish to present a real taste of modern lightweight alpinism as practised by two of today's best alpinists."

Lost and Found

USA, 2007, 23 minutes

Directed and produced by Todd Jones, Dirk Collins, Steve Jones, and Corey Gavitt


Focus: Skiing/Snowbording

This is the story of the extraordinary season of 2007 as seen through the eyes of world-class skiers and snowboarders. Shot entirely on 16mm and high-def, it is a testament to the terrain and conditions that only exist in the western hemisphere. The winter of 2007 was feast or famine; Lost and Found documents the feast.

The Western Lands - Hoy

Best Short Mountain Film UK, 2007, 9 minutes

Directed and produced by Grant Gee

Focus: Climbing, Human Interest

Writer Jim Perrin's attempted climb of the Old Man of Hoy on his 60th birthday. A poetic documentary of love, loss and landscape under the dying of the light.

Visning 2


USA, 2007, 27 minutes

Directed by Brad Lynch, Jim Hurst

Produced by Brad Lynch


Focus: Climbing, BASE jumping

Dean Potter is obsessed with being attached to the world by as little as possible. He began his journey as a free-soloist on rock, but his refusal to be confined has pushed him to the outer edge of the climbing world and into the realms of high-lining, BASE jumping, and "bird-manning". Possessed by the idea that anything is possible, Dean maniacally pursues the most natural yet bizarre dream of man: to fly.


Best Film on Mountain Environment UK, 2005, 7 minutes

Directed by Sharon Colman

Produced by Jamie Wolpert


Focus: Environment/Animation

The tale of a badger who just wants the world to let him sleep.

Higher Ground: Mountain Photographer

USA, 2007, 8 minutes

Directed by Chris Alstrin and Alexander Lavigne Produced by Chris Alstrin


Focus: Climbing, Human Interest

Andrew Querner, a professional photographer from Canmore, Alberta, explains what drives his quest for the perfect climbing photograph. Difficulty and challenge are climbing's chief attractions, but the objective hazards climbing presents tap deep sources of fear as well. Andrew Querner's photography feeds on that, and explores the relationship between climbers and the mountain environment.


Canada, 2006, 11 minutes

Directed and produced by Paul Cotton


Focus: Skiing

Balance profiles the rapidly growing world of new-school skiing, looking at all aspects of the sport: big mountain lines, terrain parks and half-pipes, and jibbing. This film captures the athletes' desires to push the edge of their abilities while facing the obvious safety risks associated with high calibre skiing. With high-energy footage cut to an upbeat soundtrack, the audience is challenged to judge whether these athletes are crazy or just extremely talented, or maybe both.

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